511 Nichols Rd
Kansas City, MO 64112

Location Description

Near J.Crew



Jeff Martin- Founder of Sweet Brands International has done it again. Southern Charm Gelato- a fresh and new gelato concept that is set to open on the Plaza in May.

This place wouldn't get the stamp of approval from Martin without having a killer list of bold and indulgent flavors. He is known for testing the dessert limits and being on the cutting edge of all things sweet! He has cultivated an absolutely enviable menu and plans to add many more gelato flavors to it. With explosive flavors like Georgia Peach, Florida Coconut and Peanut Butter Crunch, just to name a few, who wouldn't be lining up for a taste!

Martin's idea is to change the way we eat and think gelato- is to create flavors so intense, smooth and silky that you are able to savor and experience it to the very last spoonful. The texture and the flavors play major roles in the experience here, which is the most exiting part of it!

Southern Charm Gelato will make all gelato in small batches, in store daily, to always produce the most fresh and exquisite tasting product offered in the Kansas City area.

Along with the southern inspired and rustic ambiance of the store, it’s sure to be the perfect setting for any outing.

More info to come when Southern Charm Gelato gets closer to our opening date!