(All answers can be found using the Plaza Map & Directory and the Art & Architecture guide)

Built in 1922, on land that was nothing more than a swamp bordered by a hog farm and a brickyard, many of the city’s leaders dubbed the Plaza “Nichols’ Folly.”

  • Find the “hog” statue. (The Bronze Boar located at 47th Street and Wornall)
  • Find the Plaza’s largest body of water. (Brush Creek, which runs along Ward Parkway)

The Plaza was the first suburban shopping center designed to accommodate the automobile.

  • Find the location of the car detailing shop. (Detail Pro, located in the lower level of the private parking garage by Diebel’s on Ward Parkway)
  • Count the number of parking garages on the Plaza. (Eight:  Plaza III, Cordoba, Valencia, Balcony Building, Figlio, 420 Ward Parkway, Central, Jefferson Street)

The tradition of the Plaza Lights began in 1925 with a single strand of lights hung over the entrance to what is now the Millcreek Building.

  • How many bulbs are lit each year? (over 287,000)
  • How many miles of wire are used? (80 miles of wire)
  • How many bulbs are replaced each season? (over 10,000)
  • Find the Millcreek Building. (116 W. 47th Street)
  • What was the former name of the Millcreek Building? (The Suydam Building)

During the construction of the Plaza Theater, which opened in 1928 at 47th & Wyandotte, workers uncovered a 2 ½ pound mastodon tooth.

  • Find the new location of the theater. (The Cinemark Palace Theater on Nichols Road)
  • What store is located at 47th & Wyandotte now? (Restoration Emporium)

Wanting to bring the beauty of Europe (especially Spain) and the Southwest to Kansas City, Nichols chose a Spanish theme for the Plaza, focusing on architecture that included beautiful courtyards, red tile roofs and ornate towers.

  • How many courtyards does the Plaza have? (Six: Penguin, Mermaid, Pomona, Neptune, Chandler, Valencia)
  • Find the mural of the Spanish beauty talking on the phone. (Located between Starbucks and the Plaza Shoe Shine shop)
  • Count the number of towers on the Plaza. (Twelve: Giralda, Figlio, Theater, Clock, St. John Dome, Medical Building, Balcony Building (2), Time, Ward Parkway Dome, Jefferson St Tower above Bank of America, Helzberg Dome)

In the 70’s, Brush Creek overflowed and a massive flood ravaged the Plaza, destroying blocks of stores and causing millions of dollars in damage.

  • In what year did the flood occur? (1977)
  • Find the restaurant with the flood’s “high water mark” on the wall. (Plaza III on Ward Parkway)

Said to have more fountains than any other city in the world, Kansas City is known as the “city of fountains.”

  • Count the number of fountains on the Plaza. (Nineteen: JC Nichols Fountain, Seville Light, Fountain of Bacchus, Fountain of Neptune, Boy & Frog, Allen, Pool of Four Fauns, Mermaid Pool, Pomona, Diana, April, Children at Play, Diane, Courtyard of the Penguins (2), Fish Fountain)
  • Count the number of wishing wells on the Plaza. (Four: JC Nichols Parkway, Ward Parkway, 47th Street, 48th Street)


  1. I have two wings, but cannot fly. When you visit me I’ll in black tie. Who designed me?
  2. To the corner I went to fix my tow and then across the street to get some dough.
  3. Near a city in Texas is the God of the Sea, the coins thrown here are dedicated to me.
  4. Near popular waters and the sound of volleys, the faithful sits high above the Plaza. What is her name?
  5. I’m a city in the Golden, Empire and Garden States, a goddess of vineyards at any rate.
  6. Hushed utter.
  7. Scandinavian descent.
  8. A restaurant for nonsense.
  9. Tan Pig.
  10. Stylish Sweets


  1. Penguin Courtyard, Nichols Road & Pennsylvania. Designed by Arthur Kraft
  2. Renner’s Boots and Shoe Repair & Commerce Bank, 46th Terrace & Wornall Road
  3. Fountain of Neptune in front of Houston’s, 47th Street & Wornall Road
  4. Faith sits above Giralda Tower at 47th Street & J.C. Nichols Parkway
  5. Pomona, Ward Parkway & Broadway
  6. Quiet Talk, sculpture on 47th Street & Broadway
  7. Scandia Down, store on Nichols Road & Pennsylvania
  8. Tomfooleries Restaurant, 47th Street & Jefferson
  9. Bronze Boar Statue, 47th Street & Wornall
  10. Panache Chocolatier, Nichols Road between Broadway & Pennsylvania


  1. We two stand watch and “bridge” the gap between North and South.
  2. I hold the key and am one of the fathers the country. Can you find me?
  3. From across the sea, I changed history.
  4. I have “nothing to fear,” with my love next to me.
  5. Always dressed to impress, we three play and prefer the cold to the heat.
  6. Surrounded by my entourage, I know how to party.
  7. In the “business” of music, my furry friend sits with me.
  8. Bathing beauties by the sea, we wait for coins and children of mercy.
  9. Cast in bronze but light on my feet, I win every race with luck and with speed.
  10. I represent history, put here for my founder and right under your feet.
  11. We gaze at each other lovingly, the moment captured for all to see.
  12. Rising from the sea, I rule with three.
  13. Above your head, I have four faces.
  14. My story is older than the marble from which I am carved, a “testament” to my life.
  15. I stand the tallest, with bells ringing, a “signal” of “faith.”


  1. Terra Cotta Warriors, located on Ward Parkway, in front of the Sister Cities International pedestrian bridge that crosses over Brush Creek.
  2. Ben Franklin located on Jefferson Street, in front of Kaldi’s Coffee.
  3. Santa Maria Light, located at Nichols Road and Pennsylvania.
  4. Married Love, located on the corner of Ward Parkway and Wornall Road.
  5. Court of the Penguins located on Nichols Road, in front Scandia Down.
  6. Fountain of Bacchus, Chandler Court, located in the courtyard in front of The Cheesecake Factory.
  7. Monkey Business, located on Ward Parkway in the courtyard behind Pomona Fountain.
  8. Mermaid Pool, located in the courtyard at the corner of Nichols Road and Broadway.
  9. Mercury, located on Ward Parkway, in the stairwell to the parking garage.
  10. Bronze Plaque in Bas-Relief, located on Ward Parkway in front of the office at 310 Ward Parkway.
  11. Quiet talk, located on the corner of Broadway and 47th Street.
  12. Fountain of Neptune, located on the corner of 47th Street and Wornall Road, in front of the North Face.
  13. Time Tower, located on Ward Parkway and Broadway, above Williams Sonoma.
  14. Ruth located on Nichols Road, in front of Restoration Emporium.
  15. Giralda Tower, located on the corner of 47th Street and JC Nichols Parkway.